Orientation Day 1

Today, Marcus (my roommate) and I, finding ourselves awake pretty early, decided to take a walk around the campus. From what I can tell both the campus and Bozeman itself are very pretty. On our walk I saw this really pretty flower patch. It looks so natural too.

I took some other pictures around campus. They have an odd combination of really old and traditional style buildings and really modern ones.

I also took a selfie with their mascot cat statue thing. He was smiling pretty big too.

Also, through the buildings of the school you can see some of the many mountains surrounding Bozeman.

This was only the beginning of the day though. The day turned out to be a day of sitting, listening, and learning. Dick and Joy Schroeder went over house rules and how we should conduct ourselves. After that they got into how we should be acting toward one another in Christ.

They talked a while about how to introduce yourself to others, or introduce a friend of yours to others. It sounds basic but they made some points and examples that I’d never heard before. Much of what they said will be very crucial for my success as a small group leader next semester.

Other than that we had a really good bible study and following discussion. Then Dick and Joy and a few of the staff here shared their testimonies. It was really nice to hear all they had to say.

With all of these things combined I feel our group is getting really close already. It’s unbelievable how fast we’re bonding. Last night a large group of us went on a run (it was 10pm!). After I stayed up very late talking to Stephen and Hope. It was a great discussion and I’m really glad we got to talk for such a long time.

So far things are great.

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