First Week

This first week in Montana has flown by. Everyone here has shared their testimony and we’ve really grown close as a group. Working at the Hilton and hiking together with others has brought me much closer to a few people specifically.

Although work is fun it’s pretty hard work. I never realized how intense housekeeping could be. We’re budgeted 30 minutes to clean each room. Sometimes it takes a third of that time just to pick up the guest’s trash! I’m learning how to move faster though. Also I’m learning how to clean, make beds, and fancily fold towels.

I spent my two off days this week (Monday and Tuesday) hiking. I made videos of the two hikes because I know I could never describe how beautiful it all is.

Monday hike:

Tuesday hike:

I took tons of photos too but that’ll take a while to go through.

As far as discipleship goes, I’m learning so much from our mentors and the others in this program with me. I’m being spiritually challenged in many ways and I know God is using this summer for the best. It’s been wonderful to be surrounded by rich teaching and admire his amazing creation all at the same time.

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